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Why Do I Bruise Easily


Category : Why Do I Bruise Easily

Thinking Why Do I Bruise Easily?


Have you been thinking ‘why do I bruise easily’? Or, have you encountered any recent bruises that have been unaccounted for, their reasons unknown? If yes, then you might be bruising easily due to small injuries and impacts against your skin. Although bruising is considered to be normal for a healthy person, any kind of unexplained and sudden bruising is not considered to be normal.

Reasons for Bruising Easily


Category : Reasons for Bruising Easily

Common Reasons for Bruising Easily


The common reasons for bruising easily are the ones related to regular problems with the skin and blood vessels. For a bruise to develop, the skin and blood vessels should play their specific roles. The bump to the skin should be accurately propagated to the skin vessels, which might break and leak blood. If the injury is harsh enough, its impact would lead to the formation of a bruise.