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Why Do I Bruise Easily


Category : Why Do I Bruise Easily

Thinking Why Do I Bruise Easily?


Have you been thinking ‘why do I bruise easily’? Or, have you encountered any recent bruises that have been unaccounted for, their reasons unknown? If yes, then you might be bruising easily due to small injuries and impacts against your skin. Although bruising is considered to be normal for a healthy person, any kind of unexplained and sudden bruising is not considered to be normal. This is particularly true when you do not remember any major injury or impact causing that bruise on your hand or legs. If you have been developing bruises easily, it is essential that you take a look at the reasons behind this abnormal reaction of the skin.


What Does Bruising Easily Mean?


Since bruising is considered to be a common phenomenon and a regular reaction of the skin, people might not understand what bruising easily means. In order to understand what bruising easily means, you need to take a look at the formation of a bruise. Whenever there is an impact to the surface of the skin, like a bump, there is some leakage from the capillaries that are present at the surface of the skin. The blood that leaks out from the capillaries deposits near the surface of the skin, giving that color of deep blue black. For this to happen, the injury should be severe enough to cause a leak in the capillaries. People who are suddenly bruising easily have some sort of problem with their skin, or the blood vessels. People who are old and frail would notice that their skin thins with time, increasing the probability of bruising easily. Similarly, people who lift heavy weights stress their blood vessels and cause tears in them, leading to bruising easily. Such problems can be easily handled if you pay attention to the causes of bruising easily in your body.


Bruising Easily & Anemia


Anemia is one condition that brings about the symptoms of bruising easily. It has been observed that bruising easily & anemia are interlinked, and major improvements are possible in the health of the person if he takes iron supplements. In case your problem of bruising easily is related to iron, or other vitamin related, deficiencies, you can find an accurate answer to ‘why do I bruise easily’, along with some remedial measures.

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